Entice (Evolve, #3)

Entice (Evolve, volume 3)


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Entice (Evolve, book 3)
Enter the sum

Book Summary

Hes loyal to his friends.

Always the life of the party.

Irresistible to women.

Sawyer Beckett does everything full throttle. But lately, somethings different... something that has the sexy playboy wanting more.

And he cant help but think it just might have something, or everything, to do with the mysterious goddess from the stage that one unforgettable night.


Theres no way she couldve had that great of an impact on a man like him...

Or could she?

Did she?

When Emmett Young comes parading back into his life, Sawyer has his answer.

Yes, yes she could.

And yes, yes she did.

But Emmetts heart already belongs to someone else...

That part about Sawyer doing everything full throttle? Gonna come in real handy.

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Reader Reviews
  •    JoJokinos Barreneches
    okay, where do I start?!?! CHIT this book was AMAZING .. I've been a HUGE SE Hall fan forEVER and this book puts the icing on the cake ...

    I would love nothing more than to put quotes in this review, but I can't .. because .. well .. you have to experience each word written for yourself...

    Seriously .. I laughed, I teared up, I got angry, I yelled at my kindle, I imagined myself holding Sawyer to rubbing his almost bald head, I swooned, I got creeped out that Dane kept popping up, Laney was amazing as a supporting character .. and Sawyer ... Oh my sweet baby Sawyer .. There's a reason that I've been #TeamSawyer since the very first introduction in Emerge and THIS. IS. IT.

    I knew that Sawyer had the capability to be an EXCEPTIONAL character .. and let me just say ... he's so much more than I even could have imagined. He's BEYOND WORDS. He's kind, smart, funny as shit (I was laughing out loud at 3am and waking my children, he's that darn funny) .. I'm most certainly aching for him "here" .. oh yeah .. you already know .. He's kind of my favorite for so many reasons and that was one of them (did I just slip and post a quote .. guess you'll have to read and find out)

    Emmett ... That girl .. the best .. I hate to be a contradiction to myself and say that I 100% more than loved her even though she was a runner (which I absolutely hate) .. but .. i guess I am .. SMITTEN with this raven haired beauty ... There are so many reasons why her "running" is acceptable .. but the back and forth with her and Sawyer .. well .. it's perfect .. and couldn't have been written any other way .. SE Hall NAILED this heroine .. much like she does with EVERY female she writes .. oh yeah, Emmett is up there with the BEST HEROINE along side of Laney and Whitley

    The story .. AMAZING .. The plot twist .. DID THAT JUST HAPPEN, DID I READ THAT RIGHT .. The ending .. MY HEART IS SO HAPPY ... The epilogue ... BEST I'VE EVER READ .. Everything .. SOLD .. Can I have Endure yet?!!?! please please please please don't take too long of a break .. please get this one out this summer ...

    So .. all in all ... Entice is .... EXCEPTIONAL, EXCITING, ENTERTAINING, EXTRAORDINARY ..all kinds of E words that I can't even find because the thesaurus is being crazy ...

    5+ stars SE Hall for this story .. can I give it 6 stars?!?!?! If only ......

    Oh .. PS ... ARC given for an honest to God, keep my true feelings and I loved every second .. REVIEW
  •    Dirisar Kostanfader
    I was one of the lucky ones to receive the ARC of Entice. If you haven't read the first 3 in the Evolve series then you haven't already met Sawyer. If you have well, this is the book you've been waiting on. If you haven't already fallen in love with Sawyer, you will most definitely fall in love with him now. If you are already in love with him, well you are going to love him even more. OMG Sawyer keeps you rolling on the floor. He's is just down right the funniest character. Yes he will make some dumb moves, but he recovers, but how? Entice is his journey, he finds his "one" but it's not exactly easy, the question is how does he get where he is and then how does he and Emmett get through it all? Emmett has her own baggage and a huge secret. Does this keep him away, how does this make him feel, how does he react? You will love how he does all this, but may yell at him too. You may get mad at Emmett, but you have to remember her story to understand and cut her some slack. As for the ending, well it's exactly how I would've wanted, but there could've been more, but definitely not a deal breaker because I give this book a 5 STAR! You MUST read and get your Sawyer fix and don't be jealous of Emmett. LOVE! LOVE! LOVE!

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